Many times, your patent portfolio may not cover your competitors’ products nearly as well as it covers your own.

This can be a problem when you’re threatened with an infringement claim, or when looking to enter a new market against an entrenched competitor.

Our strategic patent acquisition services solve these problems.  We have helped clients bring patent infringement claims by a competitor to an early end, by finding and acquiring patents to counter-assert against the competitor.

We have also helped clients establish a foothold in a new market, against fast-acting competitors that were there first.  For example, we helped a client enter the IoT market by acquiring a small number of targeted portfolios that read on those competitors’ existing products.  We also negotiated a licensing program sufficient to offset the cost of the initial acquisition. 

Why People Choose Morris & Kamlay

Unlike auction houses or patent brokers, we do not try to find a home for unwanted patents.  We identify and acquire patents for specific strategic business purposes.  This is a fundamentally different approach.  Rather than hoping that someone, somewhere is looking to sell a patent that might fit your needs – often at a very high price – we find the perfect patent for your needs, regardless of whether it’s currently up for sale or not.  It’s the difference between buying kitchen cabinets from Ikea, and ordering cabinets custom-made for your kitchen.


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