In many cases the vast majority of a startup’s observable value is in its IP. 

We have extensive experience in guiding startups from conception, through funding rounds, and ultimately to commercial success and/or acquisition.  The value of a strong patent portfolio at each step is key to improving your startup business’ success.  However, we also understand that startups often do not have unlimited budgets for activities without clearly-defined returns.

To meet the particular needs of startup companies, we offer fixed-price patent portfolio development programs that deliver maximum value startup portfolios for different budgets. These programs include patent protection for the startup as well as non-patent products that are easily accessible to investors and technology developers alike.

Why People Choose Morris & Kamlay

We have successfully guided many clients from conception to becoming successful ongoing endeavors.  In each case we leveraged IP that M&K helped create to obtain more and better funding, create strategic partnerships, and demonstrate ownership of the client’s technical field.  Our IP strategies are designed for long-term client success.


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