Being threatened with patent infringement can be anything from an annoyance to a serious business disruption.

Some clients deal with threats of alleged infringement daily, while for others it is a rarer occurrence.

We specialize in addressing threats against our clients quickly, decisively, and efficiently. We provide concrete, actionable advice to our clients, which is based on our extensive knowledge of the types of threats and behaviors that are common in the industry.

We also provide more aggressive options for responding to patent threats.  For example, our strategic patent acquisition programs (link to SPA) have helped clients bring existing and threatened patent disputes to an early end by giving the clients ammunition against their competitors.

Why People Choose Morris & Kamlay

Unlike auction houses or patent brokers, we do not try to find a home for unwanted patents.  We identify and acquire patents for specific strategic business purposes.  This is a fundamentally different approach.  Rather than hoping that someone, somewhere is looking to sell a patent that might fit your needs – often at a very high price – we find the perfect patent for your needs, regardless of whether it’s currently up for sale or not.  It’s the difference between buying kitchen cabinets from Ikea, and ordering cabinets custom-made for your kitchen.


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