Morris & Kamlay regularly advises Fortune 500 companies on IP issues related to acquisitions, mergers, asset purchases, and similar transactions. 

We have advised clients on over $20 Billion of transactions and are experts at identifying and addressing IP issues that arise in these transactions. 

We verify ownership and freedom to operate, perform risk assessment, and value portfolios based on validity and potential infringement.  We also evaluate pending lawsuits and forecast likely outcomes that address issues such as injunctions, regular and enhanced damages and validity and enforceability. 

More importantly, we provide detailed insight into the real meaning of these issues and their impact on the value of a transaction.

Example transactions include:

  • Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility

  • Home Depot’s acquisition of Red Beacon

  • Warburg Pincus’ acquisition of Duravant

  • McCormick’s acquisition of French’s from Reckitt Benckiser

  • Vitro’s acquisition of PPG’s flat glass business

  • Hygenia’s acquisition of DuPont Diagnostics

Why People Choose Morris & Kamlay

Anyone can do basic diligence for a deal.  We do more by providing insight into the real business impact of IP issues in a transaction.  We know that one of the best ways to judge a potential acquisition target is what they say about their IP – and what the IP says about the company.  We are familiar with the issues that arise in complex transactions when significant IP rights are involved, and we help prevent unintentional loss of those rights.


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