Strategic Patent Portfolio Development

We develop portfolios that matter for some of the largest, most innovative companies in the world - and some of the newest and smallest. They provide effective barriers to competitors who try to freeload on our clients' innovations, serve as defensive assets against threats from third parties and crush it for licensing. 

Targeted Patent Acquisition

We're first-in-class in our ability to find and purchase patents to fill specific gaps in a client's portfolio, licensing program or to serve as the basis for counterclaims in patent infringement lawsuits. We start with a thorough understanding of the problem to be solved and then use our proprietary, structured process using an experienced, multidisciplinary team that includes partners in business intelligence, search, and legal analysis. We then negotiate the patent purchase agreement and close the deal. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

We specialize in helping buyers verify IP ownership and freedom to operate, assess risks and value portfolios based on validity and potential infringement. We also evaluate pending lawsuits and forecast likely outcomes that address issues such as injunctions, regular and enhanced damages and validity and enforceability.

Patent Litigation

We analyze litigation scenarios and develop winning strategies for prevailing at court. Our analyses are targeted at assessing potential damages, likelihood of injunction, validity, infringement and enforceability. We help structure the case for the best possible outcome and work with top-tier litigators to achieve our clients' goals.


Patents can deter potential competitors from stealing your innovations and compromising your position in the marketplace. That’s why many investors require a viable patent position before they agree to invest.

We have extensive experience in guiding startups  from conception, through funding rounds, and ultimately to commercial success and/or acquisition.  The value of a strong patent portfolio at each step can be a key to improving your startup business’ success.  However, we also understand that startups often do not have unlimited budgets for activities without clearly-defined returns.

To meet the particular needs of startup companies, we offer fixed-price patent portfolio development programs that deliver maximum value startup portfolios for different budgets. These programs include patent protection for the startup as well as non-patent products that are easily accessible to investors and technology developers alike.

Risk Analysis

Being threatened with patent infringement can be anything from an annoyance to a serious business disruption. Some clients deal with threats of alleged infringement daily, while for others it is a rarer occurrence.

We specialize in addressing threats against our clients quickly, decisively, and efficiently. We provide concrete, actionable advise to our clients, which is based on our extensive knowledge of the types of threats and behaviors that are common in the industry.